Fondation Marisa Sophie


Marisa was an 11 month old girl, very lively and joyful. One morning she suddenly presented with a very high fever. A few days later she died of an undiagnosed streptococcal meningitis. After the shock of this tragedy, Marisa’s parents realized that unfortunately Marisa was not a unique case: The rapid intervention and the efficacy of therapeutic treatment make the difference between life and death in small children.

Even though children are our greatest capital, paradoxically, pediatric research is not well developed compared to other large therapeutic markets. This is why protecting the life of children is an undeniable social responsibility which should not only be considered in terms of return on investment. Diagnostic methods, therapies, and standard of care guidelines have to be created, improved or better controlled in children.

Since its creation in 2010, several projects have been initiated in clinical research, for example in protective ventilation, plasmatic transfusion, dose optimization, and clinical nutrition of critically ill children. This research has already been awarded important prizes, such as the “Nestlé nutrition prize 2014” and publications in prestigious journals such as the Blue Journal.

Concerning Patient Safety our awareness activities have led to several improvements in the health care system, which have been implemented by the Cantonal health department. These improvement measures include an increase in beds in the intensive care department of the CHUV with a “zero” refusal politics (in 2009 there were close to 80 child refusals due to shortage of beds), an allocation of experienced pediatricians in emergency care and an educational program to form more nurses in pediatric emergency care.

Clip from “Faire Face Ensemble” – Paediatric Intensive Care at CHUV, Lausanne

Marisa’s story