Fondation Marisa Sophie

Who we are

The foundation Marisa Sophie was created under the impulse of Marisa’s parents, Francesca Stingele and Peter Ruppersberg, and two doctors of the pediatric intensive care unit of the university hospital CHUV (Lausanne) who tried to save her life, the doctors Dr. Marie-Hélène Perez and Dr Jacques Cotting.

Board members of the foundation
Prof. Peter Ruppersberg, Marisa’s father, Chairman and founding member
Christine Bossuat, responsible for finance and secretary
Dr. Francesca Stingele, Marisa’s mother, founding member
Dr. Marie-Hélène Perez, founding member, intensive care pediatrician, CHUV
Dr Jacques Cotting, founding member, intensive care pediatrician, CHUV
Dr Stefano Di Bernardo, pediatric cardiologist, CHUV
Dr Marc-André Bernath, pediatric anaestesist, CHUV

Financial controlling
Drys Fiduciaire SA
Rue Mercerie 12
1003 Lausanne

Supervisory body
Autorité de surveillance LPP et
des fondations de Suisse occidentale
Avenue de Tivoli 2
Case postale 5047
1002 Lausanne

All projects are selected by the Foundations Board members according to criteria of excellence. For each project a responsible person is designated who is accountable for the good progress and monitoring of the project and who reports to the Board.

Each year the financial statements are established by the foundation, revised and controlled by the Company Dry Fiduciare SA and approved by the supervisory body of the Canton Vaud.