Fondation Marisa Sophie


A clinical nutrition research program is analyzing the macro- and micro- nutritional practice and actual requirement of critically ill children under mechanical ventilation. At first the protein and energy requirements have been analyzed. A pilot study was conducted to find out prescription and administration practice. The results showed that children do not receive sufficient quantities of protein. It seems that all commercial formulations are too poor in amino acids and too rich in carbohydrates. The preliminary results of this research have already been awarded two prizes: The best thesis in clinical nutrition and metabolism by the French Society of enteral nutrition and the Suisse Nestlé Nutrition Prize 2014. At the moment the foundation is sponsoring a PhD thesis on this subject.

PhD student: Mme Corinne Jotterand Chaparro, HES Genève.
Principal investigator: Dr Jacques Cotting, CHUV Lausanne.

With the support of

nestlé health science